About Aparajito Enabler Limited.

Aparajito Enabler Limited is a privately held company, which works to develop business passionately enabling people and run it profitably to secure sustainability. We are presently engaged in providing service to the 160 million people of Bangladesh who are our family members.

With the mission to enable people across the pyramid by increasing affordability, accessibility and availability of information, services, products and opportunities, Aparajito started its footsteps from September 2013 and have now grown to a sizeable organization, with multiple successful initiatives and partnerships across different business verticals.

The passion of blending magic touch of technology with sales and distribution across all business verticals is the key in increasing affordability of products and services. We see a synergy between demand and supply of information, services, products and opportunities of apparently related or unrelated sectors and efficiency in volume to increase affordability for people.

Join us as an Aparajito Friend (Aparajito Bondhu) today and enable yourself – family – friends – relatives – colleagues – business partners – followers – society – country!

Aparajito enables people & organizations to be Aparajito (unbeatable or invincible) through information, services, products and opportunities.

Compassion, creativity, collaboration, locally relevance and result orientation.

Create partnership with people and organization both home and abroad and operate on mutually beneficiary terms.