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Aparajito inks agreement with Butterfly

Aparajito inks agreement with Butterfly

Aparajito inks agreement with Butterfly
Aparajito inks agreement with Butterfly

Aparajito Enabler Limited have entered into an agreement with the single largest electronics brand house in the country – Butterfly Marketing Limited to bring you LG, Hisense and Eco Plus range of consumer electronics. The agreement will allow Aparajito to bundle its product and services along with products distributed by Butterfly to create value for the customer across the country. Through an eventful ceremony at the BML office, key executives and high ranking officials of both the organizations inked the agreement in presence of the Managing Director and Chairman of Butterfly Mr. M. A. Mannan and the Chairman of Aparajito Mr. Bidyut Basu.

“This is a venture – the first of its kind for Butterfly in its 27 years history of operation whereby we hope Aparajito will take us to new heights” remarked the Chairman and MD of Butterfly Mr. M. A. Mannan citing the agreement.

The Chairman of Aparajito Mr. Bidyut Basu termed the agreement as “An iconic agreement which will mark the first step to take consumer electronics to the doorstep of people at the bottom of the pyramid”.

Members of Aparajito can avail various products from LG, Hisense and Eco Plus such as television, home theater, refrigerator, air-condition, washing machine, oven, cooker, generator, solar panel and other household appliances through Aparajito. Soon all products will also be available in Aparajito Karbar E-Commerce website.

Bangladesh’s economy has been picking up recently and Butterfly is poised to take steps to increase its product availability across the country with the help of Aparajito. Both the companies will work together to organize various events across the country to promote Aparajito’s end-to-end products and services along with brands such as LG, Hisense and Eco Plus.

The signing ceremony was witnessed from Butterfly by Mustafizur Rahman Shazid, Director Sales and Marketing; Mahbubul Haque Sufyani, Executive Director; Mostafa Kamal Ahmed, Chief Financial Officer; Mohammad Niaz Makhdum, Assistant Manager Corporate Sales and A.T.M Mahfuz Hasan, Assistant Manager Corporate Sales. Aparajito’s key enablers who witnessed the event included Partha Pratim Sarker, Chief Finance Enabler; Tareq Malik, Chief Employee Enabler and Sayeef Rahman, Chief Strategy Enabler.

About Butterfly:
‘Butterfly’ is the most prominent name in the country’s electronics scene. Since inception in 1987, the Group has been playing a pivotal role in shaping up the industry with a portfolio of trusted brands and an ever-growing distribution network. This combination enables Butterfly to reach out for customers from all walks to meet their needs of electronic goods. Butterfly owns the exclusive distribution rights to market LG products in Bangladesh since 1995. With the long-standing partnership, Butterfly has become synonymous to LG in Bangladesh. Other world-class brands like Hisense and Eco+ were added in its portfolio much later.

The successful business formula that the group follows is no secret to the customers today. A long-lasting partnership with selective world-class brands, a robust line of skilled staff, convenient retail locations around the country and predominantly, a vision to grow is what Butterfly operates around, with the motto – ‘Committed to Care’.

Today, Butterfly offers industry’s largest number of multi-product consumer durables through its retails, in 18 categories. This includes TVs, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Microwave ovens and many more.

About Aparajito:
Aparajito Enabler Limited is a privately held company which works to develop business passionately enabling people and run it profitably to secure sustainability. We are presently engaged in providing service to the 160 million people of Bangladesh who are our family members.

Join us as an Aparajito Friend (Aparajito Bondhu) today from our website and enable yourself – family – friends – relatives – colleagues – business partners – followers – society – country!

Press Contact:
Mohammad Niaz Makhdum

Sayeef Rahman

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